Testimonials - John Fuchs Properties: Construction & Real Estate

Mike R - "I've sold high-end properties in Vegas, San F and Aptos. John Fuchs Properties is so far above the rest of the pack it is hard to put into words. They are not just "salespeople." They are hard working BUILDERS. They will solve EVERY problem you have with property BEFORE you put it on the market and they will do it at a very fair price. They will find you a first rate staging company that will more than pay for itself. In case you are buying they can and will sniff out every detail you need to know. As if that was not enough, they are always positive in attitude, generous with their time and thoughtful in their opinions. Kori, office manager, is a sharp organizer - and when John Fuchs walks into the county building department you can believe people notice. He has 30+ years of local knowledge and contacts. And he can still swing a hammer if need be! I can honestly say I feel sorry for those who are left to the mercy of typical real estate agents which is to say almost all of them. The others will make promises they can not keep. John Fuchs properties not only keeps their promises, they exceed all expectations. John Fuchs properties truly is, as they say, a "dream builder." And it is an amazing opportunity that a real estate buyer or seller has to work with these people."

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