Santa Cruz County provides a unique opportunity to promote responsible home building. The wonderful quality of life, the beautiful surroundings situated next door to world-class economic centers, and the convenient access to some of the most beautiful locations in the world, make the development of this area inevitable.

Challenges... While the surroundings are unsurpassed, they can present challenges to any prospective home builder. In addition to the problems presented by the unique nature of the Monterey Bay area, the local building authorities have enacted complex and restrictive regulations to preserve the nature and beauty of our community. Overcoming these hurdles, while bringing a client’s dreams to reality, is a test of any builder’s capabilities.

Qualifications... John Fuchs is uniquely qualified to meet these challenges. He holds both a California Contractor’s license (#444422) and a California Real Estate Broker’s license. His experience with the personnel and procedures of the Santa Cruz building and planning departments is extensive. These qualifications, in addition to his knowledge of local and national building codes and regulations, form a solid basis for his outstanding achievements in local building.

Green building... John is a certified green builder. He has the knowledge and tools to help clients build the most environmentally responsible home possible. John Fuchs Construction is an official member of a grouping of builders who have opted to build “Code Plus”. That means that our construction practices are above and beyond the basic code requirements.

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